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Healthy hair maintenance should be a proactive and not a reactive practice. Too often consumers wait until their hair is extremely damaged before seeking the help of a licensed cosmetologist. Don't fall into the trap of purchasing products from drug stores or your local Walmart. Don't let price be the reason why you choose to purchase one product over another. In the end, aren't you worth it? Wouldn't you like to have healthy shiny hair that has elasticity and movement? Not all weighed down with inferior ingredients that just smell good but have no substance? Of course! We spend lots of money on clothes and shoes, but tend to want to bargain shop for our hair.

Design Essentials products use high quality ingredients and deliver stellar results preserving the health and integrity of your hair. Hydration practices help prevent breakage and shedding. Using the proper conditioning, styling and finishing agents between salon services will keep styles longer and continue to add moisture until your next salon visit.